Best Changelogs on The Internet

Discover amazing companies that maintain a changelog to improve their user engagement, new feature adoption, build a shipping cadence, and do much more...


The changelog has been a great way to allow our most passionate customers get regular updates on new features and fixes, they also provide a rallying point for development that keeps us shipping on a regular cadence.

Tom, Founder, Outline

Our public changelog is integrated into the product with a modal that shows whenever we do a large release. This allows us to easily update users about new features and changes without any clutter. The uncluttered way of communicating these updates helps with the adoption of the new features and manages expectations when using the product.

Krijn Rijshouwer, Designer, Framer

We heavily rely on user feedback from the community and by writing down all bug fixes and improvements in the changelog we show our users that we care about their feedback. Many times we received messages from happy users when they saw that we addressed something that they reported.

Petr, CTO & Co-Founder, Raycast