Raycast changelog screenshot
Raycast changelog screenshot

Raycast Changelog Screenshot


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Shipping regularly and fast is an important part of engineering culture at Raycast and our changelog is a testament to that. Existing and new users see that the product is constantly evolving. This is especially important during early stages of the company.

We heavily rely on user feedback from the community and by writing down all bug fixes and improvements in the changelog we show our users that we care about their feedback. Many times we received messages from happy users when they saw that we addressed something that they reported.

Changelog is a great way for our users to discover new features. Early on we invested in custom updating flow that shows "what's new" after updating in a natural for Raycast way. This in combination with beautiful images makes updating experience much more exciting.

And last but not least – changelog is a very convenient way to have a historical timeline of the product. Now it's very easy to go and check when we introduced a particular feature or where were we a year ago. It comes really handy.

Petr | CTO & Co-Founder of Raycast